212BERLIN is part of the official selection at HotDocs 2018 with "Witkin & Witkin" as part of the category Made in Mexico

From the acclaimed director Trisha Ziff comes yet another captivating artist portrait: the deep and resonant story of two brothers. Painter and life-long educator Jerome and renowned photographer Joel-Peter are identical twins, but their lives, art and personalities could not be more divergent. Joel-Peter is a famed and highly controversial photographer whose Caravaggio and Dali–inspired arrangements, often constructed with cadavers and body parts, are transgressive and macabre. His brother Jerome is a figurative artist whose paintings deal with political, social and cultural themes. Ziff is a master at creating artist portraits that dive deeply into the psyche, drawing out her subjects’ more complicated and unseen layers—the ones they often hide behind their work. Filmed over five years, the brothers come to a crucial point in both their lives, encountering an unexpected change in their artistic trajectories, their self-perceptions and their relationship with each other. Heather Haynes

212BERLIN won CANACINE award for the Best Documentary for "The Man Who Saw Too Much"  


Premier screening with Joel-Peter Witkin and Jerome Witkin at Los Cabos International Film Festival

Friday 10th November  15hrs  
Cinemex Puerto Paraíso Sala 1
Blvd Lázaro Cardenas S/N